Travel Marketing in Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr: we consider them as an important part of our lives nowadays. We are now using Social Media in everything: sharing information, keeping connections with relatives and friends, reviewing a product or service and especially doing business.

So, what is Social Media?

Social Media is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

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With the “Check in” function in most of social media channels, it helps tourism companies promote themselves as well as the area. Beside that, we also use hashtags, photos, videos, posts to say about one destination or one product. Social media helps the organizations to catch up with the latest marketing trends. For example, according to Forbes, users will crave more vicarious experiences just like live video, 360 degree images and videos and even just more real-time posting. With the rise in users using social media, firms can gain benefits through paid advertising, reviews from customers or the link between their websites and social media channels.


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Social media is said to have strong influence on travellers. Travellers, like us, are keen on updating our Facebook status while on vacation. We also share photos and videos right after a long day of travelling outside. We want to share the moments. And we also seek for other people’s reviews about a destination. In Vietnam, the topics about how to travel to a country with a small budget are always the most popular and most shared.


Facebook – The best tool for Marketing Strategy

I want to share to you guys one social media channel which is new to me. Unfortunately, I have used all of them. So I will say more about one channel which influences us the most recently – Facebook.


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Facebook seems to grow stronger and larger everyday. CEO of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg is now releasing more and more functions to make his-son become one of the most powerful websites. Live stream – not old but not so new thing, has put the tourism marketing trends to the new era. As you might not know, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger are all Facebook’s. Recently, Facebook just has released the Messenger Day, which is said to be similar to Snapchat after the success of Instagram Stories.


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No one can deny the benefits that Facebook can bring to organizations after a marketing campaign. With engaging contents of storytelling and unique marketing strategies, Facebook is definitely the best marketing tool for companies. Moreover, customer relationship management can also be easier for them.


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I guess I am saying too much again! I hope through this post, you will have more knowledge and points of view of travelling marketing in social media nowadays.

See you guys again soon! Wait for my next blog post!

– Joanne.